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Submitted By:Rebecca Jackson
Prayer Request:Hi,
I am asking prayer for both of my son-in-laws. Mark Jones has just been diagnosed with cancer. So far we know he has a mass on his kidney and cancer in some of his lymph nodes. He had tests yesterday to determine if there may be cancer in other places. He will begin getting 3 different kinds of chemo tomorrow. He is 45. He is a Christian. He is married to my daughter Amy.
My son-in-law George McCreary has issues with his red blood cells. He has been taken off a med that might be the cause. He will be retested in a couple of weeks. If no change then he will have to have blood taken every so often to keep the red blood cells to the level they should be. He is 53. He is also a Christian. He is married to my daughter Annette.
I know and believe that prayer works. I received an answer to my prayers for my own son's salvation a few years ago. At that time, I asked my brothers and sisters to pray for him, and they did. And God answered their prayers! My son is now active in our church. God is so good.
Thank you for praying for these requests.
Becky Jackson
Pastor's wife